Sunday, September 18, 2011


I found a four-step plan which is observe, orient, decide and act.  I also found a five step plan which is problem awareness, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase, and post-purchase evaluation. They are both good decision making models. I think though that the five step plan is more in depth and helps make a better decision than the other one. The quadrant model is like the five step plan because they both make you think about the decision your making. I think the best out of all three of them though is the quadrant one. The quadrant model is more organized and is a better help to making a decision.


Farming has changed tremendously changed over the years. Pesticides were created to kill the bugs on the crops. The problem was that the rain would wash the pesticides into our streams and killing animals like the eagle. Now animals like cows are fed with stuff to make them fat for food. The vegetables that we eat now are induced with stuff to make them last longer on the market. It would be very hard to reverse the trends of todays farming. For one thing its faster and its also easier. The only one way to know for sure your fuits and vggies are good is to grow your own garden.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hi, My name is Brandon Kruse. I am in the Fairview Marching Band. I like to go camping and fishing. I have two sisters. I have a golden retriver. Her name is Ginger. I play the trumpet. My favorite baseball team is the Cleveland Indians and my favorite football team is the Indiannapolis Colts. My favorite subject is Math and Science. I have a fish tank at home. I like to visit my sister in Toronto.